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Our feelings are as changeable as April weather.  They are affected by an infinite number of subtle causes – our physical health, the state of the atmosphere, overweariness, want of sleep – as well as by those that are spiritual and inward.  No stringed instrument is more liable to be affected by minute changes than we are.  And we are apt to take it sorely to heart when we see the tide of emotion running out fast.

At such times we should question ourselves, to see whether our lack of feeling is due to conscious sin or worrying; and, if not, we may hand over all anxiety in the matter to Him who knows our frame and remembers that we are dust.  As we pass down the dark staircase, let us hold fast to the handrail of His will, willing to do His will, though in the dark.  “I am as much Your own, equally devoted to You now in the depths of my soul, as when I felt happiest in Your love.


This is the 5th excerpt taken from F. B. Meyer’s book on The Secret of Guidance, under the section on Burdens, and What to Do With Them – EmmausTrekker


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