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Our feelings are as changeable as April weather.  They are affected by an infinite number of subtle causes – our physical health, the state of the atmosphere, overweariness, want of sleep – as well as by those that are spiritual and inward.  No stringed instrument is more liable to be affected by minute changes than we are.  And we are apt to take it sorely to heart when we see the tide of emotion running out fast.

At such times we should question ourselves, to see whether our lack of feeling is due to conscious sin or worrying; and, if not, we may hand over all anxiety in the matter to Him who knows our frame and remembers that we are dust.  As we pass down the dark staircase, let us hold fast to the handrail of His will, willing to do His will, though in the dark.  “I am as much Your own, equally devoted to You now in the depths of my soul, as when I felt happiest in Your love.


This is the 5th excerpt taken from F. B. Meyer’s book on The Secret of Guidance, under the section on Burdens, and What to Do With Them – EmmausTrekker


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How to maintain our congregations; how to hold our ground amid the competition of neighboring workers; how to sustain the vigor and efficiency of our machinery; how to adjust the differences arising between fellow and subordinate workers; how to find material enough for sermons and addresses – beneath the pressure of burdens like these how many workers break down! They could bear the work, but not the worry.

And yet the responsibility of the work is not ours but our Master’s.  He is bearing this world in His arms, as a mother her sick child.  He is ministering to the infinite need of man. He is carrying on His great redemptive scheme for the glory of His Father. All He wants of us is a faithful performance of the daily tasks He gives.

Let the sailor lad sleep soundly in his hammock; the captain knows exactly the ship’s course. Let the errand boy be content to fetch and carry as he is bidden; the heads of the firm know what they are about and have plenty of resources to meet all their needs. And let the Christian worker guard against bearing burdens that the Lord alone can carry. The Lord would never have sent us to His work without first calculating His ability to carry us through.


This is the 4th excerpt taken from F. B. Meyer’s book on The Secret of Guidance, under the section on Burdens, and What to Do With Them – EmmausTrekker

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Many are kept from identifying themselves openly with the Lord’s people by a secret feeling that they will never be able to hold out. They carry with them a nervous dread of bringing disgrace on their Christian profession and trailing Christ’s color in the dust.  Almost unconsciously,. they repeat the words of David, “I shall now perish by the hand of Saul” (1 Samuel 27:1).

Anxiety about so sacred a matter as this will hide the face of Christ, as the impalpable vapor-wreaths hide the majestic, snow-capped peaks.  And it is quite needless.  He who saved can uphold.  As is His heart to love, so is His arm of might.  He is able to keep us from stumbling and present us faultless before the presence of His glory.  But we shall never know the sufficiency of that keeping while we cling to the boat or even keep one hand upon its side.  Only when we have stepped right out onto the water, relying utterly on the Master’s power, we shall know how blessedly and certainly He keeps what is committed to Him against that day.

We must not carry even the burden of daily abiding in Him.  Let us rather trust Him to keep us trusting and abiding in Himself.  He will not fail us if we do, and He will answer our faith by giving us an appetite for those exercise of prayer, Bible study, and communion that are the secrets of unbroken fellowship.


This is the 3rd excerpt taken from F. B. Meyer’s book on The Secret of Guidance, under the section on Burdens, and What to Do With Them – EmmausTrekker

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I am currently reading F. B. Meyer’s book entitled, The Secret of Guidance – Moody Classics, Moody Press 1997.  The section on ‘burdens’ presents encouragements which I will be posting in short excerpts under the new category of ‘Cast Your Burden Upon the Lord’.  May each reader find the source of his strength and hope only in the Lord Jesus Christ.



The one cure for burden-bearing is to cast all burdens on the Lord.  The margin of the Revised Version of Psalm 55:22 reads thus: “Cast that He hath given thee upon the Lord.”  Whatever burden the Lord has given you, give it back to Him. Treat the burden of care as once you did the burden of sin; kneel down and deliberately had it over to Jesus.  Say to Him, “Lord, I entrust to You this, and this, and this.  I cannot carry them, they are crushing me, but I definitely commit them all to You to manage, and adjust and arrange,  You have taken my sins.  Take my sorrows, and in exchange give me Your peace and Your rest.”  As George Herbert says, “We must put them all into Christ’s bag.”

Will not our Lord Jesus be at least as true and faithful as the best earthly friend we have ever known? And have there not been times in our lives when we have been too weary or helpless to help ourselves and have thankfully handed some wearing anxiety to a good, strong man, sure that when once it was entrusted to him, he would not rest until he had finished it to his satisfaction?  Surely He who loved us enough to die for us may be trusted to arrange all the smaller matters of our daily lives!

Of course, there are one or two conditions that we must fulfill before we shall be able to hand over our burdens to the Lord Jesus and leave them with Him in perfect confidence. We must have cast our sins on Him before we can cast our cares.  We must be at peace with God through the work of our Savior before we can have the peace of God through faith in His gracious interposition on our behalf.  We must also be living on God’s plan, tarrying under the cloud, obeying His laws and executing His plans so far as we know them.  We must also feed faith with promise, for this food is essential to make it thrive.  And when we have done all this we shall find it difficult

To kneel, and cast our load,

E’en while we pray upon our God.

Then rise with lightened cheer.

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