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Word of God – use the Bible, quote it and rely on its truth, especially prophecies about Jesus the Christ in the Old Testament and their fulfillment in the New.
Intercessory prayer – the Holy Spirit convicts and converts in response to prayer.  One must be in tune with the Holy Spirit to see results.
Tell the truth in love – let it be love in word, deed and attitude, whether one on one, dialogue, debate, discussion, e-mail or correspondence.
Never give up.  Keep sowing the seed.  God will bring the harvest.
Express respect for the Muslim’s Quran and Muhammad, they respect Jesus and the scripture, so reciprocate.
Spiritual warfare – no success without understanding this aspect but you are not alone. Victory is assured according to Philippians 2:5-11.
Seek friendship and hospitality – a very powerful and tested method.  After a meal preferably at your home show a debate video, give a book or a cassette which can open ones mind.  Ask spiritual questions such as, “Can you be sure of attaining eternal life?”
 Original link:http://www.islam-in-focus.com/Rules%20for%20Sharing%20Gospel%20to%20Muslims.htm

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